In what formats are KidSlumber books available?

  • .epub (the most widely accepted standard, used at the Apple iBookstore, Google Play, Sony, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Stanza, Aldiko and other online stores).
  • .mobi (the Amazon format used by all Kindle readers)
  • .lrf (for older Sony Readers)
  • .pdb (PalmDoc)
  • .pdf
  • .rtf
  • .txt (Plain Text)

Most retailers supply ebooks in one or two of the above formats. The only retailer that supplies KidSlumber books in all of the above formats, and without DRM, is Smashwords.

How long does it take to read a KidSlumber story?

It usually takes about 12 minutes to read a standard length story. Each volume contains one double length story which may be useful for a car trip; or a child who is wide awake/over-excited who needs extra time to settle down.

Are KidSlumber Bedtime Stories available in print?

At present KS books are only available in digital formats. These formats have advantages over print, such as being easy to find and navigate (unless you lose your digital device!) and, in the case of a backlit device, being usable in low-light, which is the ideal environment for sleep. However, it is possible that KS books will become available in print.

Do KidSlumber books contain DRM?

KidSlumber books are supplied without DRM (Digital Rights Management) to various retailers. Some retailers add DRM, so intending purchasers need to check this aspect with their retail store. KS books are available at Smashwords and this retailer does not add DRM.

I purchased a KidSlumber book in one format, now I need it in a different format. What can I do?

First, check whether the online retailer that supplied your original edition also supplies the format you need (and whether there is a further charge for the different format). Smashwords supplies e-books in all major formats and one purchase entitles the buyer to download the book in all their listed formats.

Otherwise, if the book does not have DRM, you will probably be able to convert it to the format you need with Calibre software (which is free).

Do KidSlumber bedtime stories contain any religious themes?

No, KidSlumber stories do not contain any religious themes or messages. However, the stories usually contain a moral, such as bad deeds have consequences.

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

Yes, go to this page.